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SimCity Reborn in SimCity Social

Well fans of diamond dash might like this EA classic game SimCity. EA has announced that the SimCity Social game is now available on Facebook. The popular social network now might have one of the most classic games reborn.

Install: SimCity Social

Game Trailer:


People whom use to play SimCity on PC will like the new un linear paths.… More Here….

Get Gold Bars and Lives Diamond Dash

Do you need more Gold bars or lives in Diamond Dash? Well here is what they do and how you can get more of them.

Free Diamond Dash Lives

The more Lives you have, the more rounds you can play at once.  one of the easiest ways to get unlimited lives on Diamond Dash is by using this lives cheat by creating additional Facebook accounts.… More Here….

Diamond Dash Boosts Scoring BIG

Not fond of cheats? Well Diamond Dash rewards players with scoring boosts while playing the game. Diamond Dash Boosts help with scoring big and beating your friends to that weekly trophy. Here is some more on the Help / FAQ of Diamond Dash.

Your Scores are made up of a few Factors:.… More Here….

How to Play Diamond Dash

First of all we are going to discuss the Facebook Diamond Dash.

Diamond Dash is a match-3 or more game. The game screen is full of colored blocks, and it’s your job to clear away groups of three or more under 60 seconds, which is done simply by clicking the coloured connected blocks.… More Here….

Fake Diamond Dash Tips and Cheats

The following tips and cheats are fake as reported by some websites. These don’t work

I want to get a higher scores!
1234 – Multiplying bonus
2345 – Unlimited mystics bomb
3456 – Unlimited time bonus

Dont work for us. Source:


Cheat Codes not for the same Game are there.… More Here….

Zynga buys ShopTown Hero

Zynga Buys ShopTown HeroShopTown Hero and Wild needle Baught.

Well Zynga seems to have too much money or do they? Well Zynga has announced that it has acquired a company called Wild needle. For who if you that don’t know Wild needle is a niche social gaming development company with woman in mind. Zynga is obviously looking to expand the female niche market on the mobile phone platform.… More Here….

Diamond Dash Hints and Tips

Diamond Dash Hints and Even More Tips

Diamond Dash Hints - Connect 6 or more Diamonds

The basic story of any Diamond Dash Hint is you need to get the highest number of points possible, you should aim to clear off the biggest possible combination of diamonds. This is massive as described in a previous article. But we talk about two other hints in this article.… More Here….

Diamond Dash 11Million Mobile Downloads.

11 Million Diamond Dash Mobile Downloads.

Wooga's Diamond Dash

Well we have previously written about how popular Diamond Dash is and how glad we were Wooga releases it on a Diamond Dash Mobile format. Well just this week I was reading that Diamond Dash has reached 11 million iOS downloads. This means for iPhone and Apple iPad devices.… More Here….

Diamond Dash Tips – Increase your Score

Increase your Score Diamond Dash Tips

Diamond DashTips - Increase your score

Increasing your Diamond Dash score is all about timing and some experience. But you can increase your diamond dash score by one of the following Diamond Dash Tips for increasing your score.

We are pretty sure by now you are hooked on diamond dash. The game is similar to  Bejeweled Blitz from the house of PopCap but we think Diamond Dash is still better.… More Here….

Best Facebook Games 2012

More Here….

Angry Birds

Angry Birds: The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake! Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles.

The Angry Birds are finally here!
Use power ups to supercharge your birds and pop pigs faster and better than ever before.

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