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SimCity Reborn in SimCity Social

Well fans of diamond dash might like this EA classic game SimCity. EA has announced that the SimCity Social game is now available on Facebook. The popular social network now might have one of the most classic games reborn.

Install: SimCity Social

Game Trailer:


People whom use to play SimCity on PC will like the new un linear paths. Meaning the game is a lot more random then its PC counterpart. We are sure EA will develop versions of this game as time goes on. We gather from the huge success from Zynga. That people live things like Farmville and other games. SimCity to us falls in the same category. You build stuff, visit people and the game develops as you play. This is in strong contrast to games like Diamond Dash.

SimCity Social Screenshot


Other than that SimCity Social has other random things you might encounter. EA’s release mentions fires, pollution and crime. Now i really hope that I’m not sitting in an important business meeting and some facebook email comes trough and tells me my house is on fire. Which one will I go to, My real house or my SimCity Social house?

The Other social aspect of EA’s facebook game is that you are able to interact with fellow players and facebook friends. You can visit their cities and scope out their crime rates. Then even going back further. Most 20 year olds won’t know what I am talking about. You can set relationships with cities. You can be a friend or foe. Much like the old Age Of Empires. I miss that game.

Then taking a feat neat features in the game. Talking about pollution and crime. Well if kids are playing this game that can certainly learn about being green. As the way to stop pollution in your SimCity Social game. Is to live green. Fight crime and kill fires.

To be honest this is the first real live experience game I have seen in years. SimCity Social deals with real life problems. Teaching kids and adults about pollution crime and the rest. I totally give EA the thumbs up on this game, awareness in each person playing this game is the aim here. That’s why this game is free. If there was ever a gaming company that has a social responsibility and done something about this. This game brings things to perspective. I can only think if someone like Apple would ever bring out a green iPhone it would be made out of sticks and recycled iPad boxes.

We mention this game and we will give it a decent 8/10




Get Gold Bars and Lives Diamond Dash

Do you need more Gold bars or lives in Diamond Dash? Well here is what they do and how you can get more of them.

Free Diamond Dash Lives

The more Lives you have, the more rounds you can play at once.  one of the easiest ways to get unlimited lives on Diamond Dash is by using this lives cheat by creating additional Facebook accounts. You can send a life to a friend each 8 minutes. This means if you have 5 fake accounts you can pretty much play all day.

As mentioned in previous posts you gain gold bars by playing the game. each time you success in certain goals and beating your highest scores you gain gold bars. You can use these  Gold Bars to purchase more lives. So now you can play the game more often. This will help you level up quicker. 7 Gold Bars will buy you 5 Diamond Dash lives.

The other way is if you are playing Monster World. This is another game by Wooga. You can havest a free life from a flower each 24 hours. To activate this feature in Monster World you need to click on the Monster in the Diamond Dash Game. Now it is activated and your flower will start producing a 6th life for Diamond Dash

Buy Diamond Dash Lives:

Another method of getting gold bars is by purchasing gold bars.

Here is how to buy gold bars in Diamond Dash:

  • Click on the + next to the Lives. The heart icon represents lives.
  • Purchase facebook credits
  • Trade them in for lives

More on the game play and FAQ and additional help can be found here. have fun playing Wooga Diamond Dash.

Diamond Dash Boosts Scoring BIG

Not fond of cheats? Well Diamond Dash rewards players with scoring boosts while playing the game. Diamond Dash Boosts help with scoring big and beating your friends to that weekly trophy. Here is some more on the Help / FAQ of Diamond Dash.

Your Scores are made up of a few Factors:. combination of these factors will lead to additional scores. Leveling up will unlock even more Diamond Dash Boosts

Here is How to Score in Diamond Dash

  • Exploding large areas of Gems – more than 3 gems with give you a higher scrore
  • Playing fast – the faster you can connect coloured diamonds a bonus will be unlocked in the form of a DIAMOND.  This is not the same as a Magic Diamond.
  • Often you will get a diamond on the screen. If you click on this, the rows it is in will blow up.
  • If you continue and till connect blocks so fast you get the Magic Fire, your screen will catch on fire.
  • Scoring Bonus – this gets added to Your Score itself. It is increases when you Level Up but keep in mind not every time you Level Up.
  • Points – these go towards the existing Points you can see at the top of the Screen and assist you to Level Up. Your Points show in a % form.

Diamond Dash Scoring Boosts.

Magic Diamonds:

One of the easier scoring boosts to get.. If you monitor the Magic Diamond bar at the top of the screen you will know when a Magic Diamond is going to appear in your game. Either a Fireball or a Plasma Burst will appear. Click the Magic Diamond to reveal their power. Click on the diamond and it will destroy the row vertically or horizontally that it is in.


Magic Fire:

Continuing to play fast and connecting gems of 3 or more. You will unlock a Magic Fire Ball. Whis blows up a whole load of gems. If you manage to click successfully on 3 Gems of the same colour or more in a 10 times in a row FAST, the Magic Fire will appear. Listen to the noise it makes when you click Gems getting at a higher and higher pitch. When the Magic Fire is active your scores will be higher on each successful match.

Diamond Dash Magic Fire

Magic Powers:

Magic Powers are bought and  gives you an even bigger advantage in getting a great Score at the end of a round. it is available after or rather from level 12

  • Mystic Bomb: It destroys a large no of Gems at once.
  • Time Bonus:  The boost adds 2 seconds of play time every time you click on it.

Magic powers can be bought by using coins. You earn coins by the end of each round or buy purchasing Facebook credits and trading them in for coins. Hewre is more on the magic of scoring and buying facebook credits.

How to Play Diamond Dash

First of all we are going to discuss the Facebook Diamond Dash.

Diamond Dash is a match-3 or more game. The game screen is full of colored blocks, and it’s your job to clear away groups of three or more under 60 seconds, which is done simply by clicking the coloured connected blocks. The connected blocks will disappear, causing the blocks to collapse to accommodate the new blocks that pour in from the top. So the aim of diamond dash is to simply clear away as many as you can to get a high score. The more connected blocks you can clear the higher your score. here is how to get the game and some tips on how to play diamond dash. Check out this page on Diamond Dash Help and FAQ we list more topics on how to play th game there.

Install Diamond Dash.

If you have problems installing the game or the game does not want to load. See if this helps.

Now that you have loaded you need to click on as many connected blocks as you can. Learning how to play diamond dash isn’t very hard. Blocks start off with as little as three in a row, or in an angle. As long as there are three in a row you will score points. See the image below. The more blocks that are of the same colour that is connected the higher your score will be.

Screen Shot of connected blocks

Look at the white spots on the screen shot. these represent possible points when clicking on them. The highest score would have been the top left blue blocks. They will then have disappeared but then the purple blocks would have still been available. and also the red block at the bottom and on the center right. Remember learning to play Wooga Diamond Dash is all about identifying the matched blocks quickly.

As mentioned Diamond Dash restricts your play sessions to one minute or 60 seconds. So your time is very limited to clear away as many blocks as possible. Learning how to play diamond dash, people get hooked on this game, just to beat your previous score or those of your friends.

As you level up some Diamond Dash Boosts will be available to you. here is a post on the available boosts in diamond dash and scoring high.

You gain level pay playing often and you will also receive gold bard to purchase lives with. You may also ask for lives from your friends. Here is a Facebook cheat on how to get loads of lives in Diamond Dash.

That maximum level you can reach is level 100. This if played often will be achieved in about 2-3 months. if you are a real gamer and you know how to play diamond dash. You will achieve level 100 much faster.

Fake Diamond Dash Tips and Cheats

The following tips and cheats are fake as reported by some websites. These don’t work

I want to get a higher scores!
1234 – Multiplying bonus
2345 – Unlimited mystics bomb
3456 – Unlimited time bonus

Dont work for us. Source:


Cheat Codes not for the same Game are there.
Diamond Dash

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Michelle E. Galutira

Cheat Codes (first group):

Key Result
S – Increase Single Snipe specials
B – Increases Bomb specials
X – Increase 3×3 specials
C – Increase Special Cross specials

Cheat Codes (second group):
Type warp to activate the following cheat codes.

Effect Key
[Up] – Increase level number
[Left] – Decrease sub-level number
[Right] – Increase sub-level number
[Enter] – Start selected level/sub-level


Here is a list of working tips and more on the cheats here.

Good luck with the game and we hope you beat it soon

Zynga buys ShopTown Hero

Zynga Buys ShopTown HeroShopTown Hero and Wild needle Baught.

Well Zynga seems to have too much money or do they? Well Zynga has announced that it has acquired a company called Wild needle. For who if you that don’t know Wild needle is a niche social gaming development company with woman in mind. Zynga is obviously looking to expand the female niche market on the mobile phone platform. Their games typically run on iPhones and iPads. But we thing this purchase by Zynga is more of expanding their games into the Mobile Phone and Mobile Device market. If any of the compatitiors like Wooga is reading this, then watch out, they might just own the mobile gaming market in the next few years.

Wild Needle, which was created by the co-founder of successful game company Playdom Rick Thompson witch was bought in 2010 by Disney. Wild needle is known for games such as Shoptown hero. Wild Needle doesn’t have a hit like Zynga in Farmville or Diamond Dash from Wooga. But it seems like Zynga is very interested in Thompson and his crew.

Personally I think Zynga has realized the importance of social gaming on mobile phones and Thompson looks like the person to take the Zynga brand  further into the mobile gaming market.

Remember that that last purchase Zynga made was maybe a bit of a impulse purchase and didn’t go so well for them. I think they are making the right move into the mobile gaming market. my question was just always why some companies prefer to buy other companies for 3.8million instead of creating something new and exciting and putting 3.8 million dollars worth of research and development into a development informant. The answer to that is the certainly they want to get up and running immediately.

Well what about Wooga and their mobile gaming, where does that leave games like Wooga’s Diamond Dash then? Well for you that don’t know it is available for iPhones and iPad, check our diamond dash mobile page here.

Diamond Dash Hints and Tips

Diamond Dash Hints and Even More Tips

Diamond Dash Hints - Connect 6 or more Diamonds

The basic story of any Diamond Dash Hint is you need to get the highest number of points possible, you should aim to clear off the biggest possible combination of diamonds. This is massive as described in a previous article. But we talk about two other hints in this article. Looking for shapes and getting more hearts. Diamond Dash is all about connecting diamonds. Diamond Dash tips are all around the internet so we tried to add them in here for you.

Diamond Dash Hints – L Shape or T Shape

Diamond Dash Hint: Look For L Shapes

To level up and score high players must clear out gemstones quickly. The larger the L shape is the bigger the points boost, but don’t be only looking for “L” Shapes. Most of the time formations appear in small ‘L’ shapes. Look for two of the same colored blocks connected and one joined across. Scan the board for specific colors bunched together. Search horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for matching lines. Also look for “T” Shapes. it is basically two “L” Shapes put together.

If you get only 3 diamonds, you earn a measly 100 points, whereas a block of 4 diamonds will give you 400 points. Points can run into the thousands when you clear more than six diamonds. So remember to look for more connected Diamonds

Keep practicing is a Diamond Dash Hint.

We know you might be frustrated as everyone around you is beating your score. But don’t be, you will get there.

Keep practicing until it becomes second nature. In each round always try to increase your speed. Don’t slow down when a magic fire drops. Activate the flaming diamond while continuing to click on matches for bonus points. Playing on a consistent basis is crucial for mastering speed and winning techniques. There are different methods for dominating this game. These Diamond Dash tips and hints are just a few of the effective ways a player can clear out gems and level up fast.

Diamond Dash Hints – Get Friends With Hearts

You only have a few hears to start off with. but by asking friends for help will restore that quickly. Hearts or lives allow users to play another round. Each player starts with five hearts. Occasionally during leveling the magical panda guru will give out an extra life but it’s rare. Players have to wait until they’re restored again or ask friends to help out. A friend equals hearts. It’s important to have lots of generous pals.

Browse Facebook fan pages for active players to add. Gaming forums devoted to finding neighbors like Gamers Unite is another excellent source. If you have at least a six or so buddies willing to regularly send gifts you’re set. A large number of friends make it easy to gain daily lives without resorting to spamming. Nothing is worst than sending out dozens of requests and only receiving several hearts in return.

Last Diamond Dash Hints you might not know

After you reach a new level, you will get some bonus points for each combo, you perform. At level 12 you will be able to unlock so called magical abilities, get useful bonuses, such as bombs, and so on. Work hard to learn all possible skills, so that you will get a chance to win the weekly tournament or, at least, take your rightful place in the tournament table! You can also ask your friends to join you in order to get extra lives!

So practice looking for shapes and having facebook friends that play the game is two of our best Diamond Dash Hints. be sure to have friends and practice a lot.

Diamond Dash 11Million Mobile Downloads.

11 Million Diamond Dash Mobile Downloads.

Wooga's Diamond Dash

Well we have previously written about how popular Diamond Dash is and how glad we were Wooga releases it on a Diamond Dash Mobile format. Well just this week I was reading that Diamond Dash has reached 11 million iOS downloads. This means for iPhone and Apple iPad devices.

With developers such as Zynga Wooga really out done themselves in this. The German developer behind games like Bubble Island and Diamond Dash, is very pleased with their teams results and the success of Diamond Dash. While wooga is the second largest social game maker in terms of daily players on Facebook, the developer has also carved quite the niche for itself on iOS. In just four months since release, Diamond Dash has seen over 11 million downloads. By no means is Wooga the size of Zynga. It shows that there is a lot of business potential in developing Social Games.

Diamond Dash is a Facebook Game Hit

VentureBeat reported that wooga is the largest social game developer in Europe, I must admit i don’t know of any others, but yet I don’t live in Europe. The further say that Diamond Dash on mobile devices sees a healthy amount of Facebook logins. According to wooga, 64 percent of players use the Facebook Connect features of Diamond Dash. Plus, those players are reportedly eight times more likely to spend money than those who aren’t logged in. Remember these people need to earn a living.

Wooga further said and released that Diamond Dash was downloaded to iPad and iPhone with iPad winning the download race. Diamond Dash downloads by device: More than 100,000 players are using the new iPad (which the game was updated for) and the iPhones account for 51 percent of downloads. The iPad line eeked out 13 percent of the download share. So, Diamond Dash has been downloaded a helluva times. With numbers like this, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more on iPhone where this gem came from.

Diamond Dash currently to our knowledge have Over 10 Million Players on Facebook
and Over 5 Million Players on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Wooga is now the world’s third largest developer of social games and with Diamond Dash iPhone we expect to see development for Android Soon.

Diamond Dash Tips – Increase your Score

Increase your Score Diamond Dash Tips

Diamond DashTips - Increase your score

Increasing your Diamond Dash score is all about timing and some experience. But you can increase your diamond dash score by one of the following Diamond Dash Tips for increasing your score.

We are pretty sure by now you are hooked on diamond dash. The game is similar to  Bejeweled Blitz from the house of PopCap but we think Diamond Dash is still better.

Diamond Dash Tips Why Increase your Score?

By Increasing your score by following a few tips we will share a few tips with you to enjoy a quick level up. Hope you will find it helpful. Keep your bull’s eye on fire mode and reach it as soon as possible. Do not hover your mouse here and there, stick to a particular area and make the matches. When heading towards the fire mode, try not to burst the larger matches, instead set for the smaller ones. Larger ones can help you earn big in fire mode, this boosts your score a lot. Use the diamonds you have collected throughout the game only in fire mode. You need to save your precious time and play as much as possible as too many mistakes can drag you out of the fire mode.

Diamond Dash High Score Achived

How to Score High with Diamond Dash Tips

In order to score high earning multiple power-ups is essential. The secret to hitting magic fires is speed. A meter at the top of the screen displays how close a player is to accumulating a power-up. If possible it’s best to play Diamond Dash with the sound on.

As gems are cleared a buzz rings. Instead of glancing up and away from the board gamers can listen to the chimes for clues. Quick consistent tones mean you’re going at a good pace and will be rewarded soon. The musical tone slows down when a player is stumped. A tick tock effect starts when the timer is about to buzz. Playing with the sound eliminates the need to look up at the clock or meter to monitor progress. The faster you play the better the odds.

Diamond Dash Tips What’s is Diamond Dash

If you don’t know – Diamond Dash is a social puzzle game by Wooga. Comparable to Bejeweled Blitz players have exactly 60 seconds to match three or more gemstones of the same color. When you find an adjoined match they simply click on one of the blocks for the entire row to disappear. it is very similar to the old connect 4 game. More squares will fall down from the top of the box as matches are found. The main objective of the game is to eliminate gems as fast as possible. Occasionally power-ups are dropped in the form of a flaming diamond. This is called the magic fire power-up. Clicking on it will automatically explode surrounding matches.

As mentioned it is very similar to the connect 4 game of years gone by. Now it is just a bit more tricky and you have more axis to play of of. We hope you enjoy Diamond Dash





Best Facebook Games 2012

Angry Birds

Angry Birds: The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake! Dish out revenge on the green pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to lay waste to the pigs’ fortified castles.

The Angry Birds are finally here!
Use power ups to supercharge your birds and pop pigs faster and better than ever before. Play to win and beat your friends’ high scores in an intense competition for the coveted golden crowns!

Tetris Battle

Tetris Battle: Play Multiplayer Tetris with your friends for Free! Tetris Battle allows you to enjoy Tetris, one of the world’s most popular puzzle games in a multiplayer environment with other users on Facebook.

Play Tetris Battle, one of the most
popular games on Facebook! Compete against your friends in live matches or go head-to-head against Tetris® players from around the world!

Words With Friends

Words With Friends: Experience for yourself why more than 20 million people are addicted to the word
building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness of Words With Friends.

The #1 word game on iOS & Android is now on Facebook! Join your friends in everyone’s favorite crossword game. Play Words With Friends now!

Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager

Top Eleven – Be a Football Managerop: Top Eleven offers the same level of excitement as experienced in popular football manager simulation PC games. You can create your own club by designing its emblem and jerseys.

Football Manager on Facebook! Create and manage your football club. Play in League, Cup, Champions League and Friendly games against
your friends. Buy players on auctions, train them and create tactics that best fit your squad and style.

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

Fruit Ninja Frenzy: The hit Facebook and
iPhone game Fruit Ninja has been expanded upon in this free to play fruit slicing title!

Play it now! Slash fruit and slice your way to the top of the leaderboards in the Facebook version of the iOS smash hit Fruit Ninja!

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz: The goal of Bejeweled Blitz is to match gems and Multipliers in order to get the
highest score possible in one minute.

Play the award-winning hit, Bejeweled Blitz! 45,000,000 fans already know why says this lightning-fast blast
of the world’s most popular puzzle game “can turn you from a normal person to an obsessive fanboy in a matter of 60 seconds!”

Social Empires

Social Empires: Manage your existing forces, as you can’t build any more. Take out the orcs and
grab gems.

Create your empire from the ground, train your villagers, build houses, mills, barracks and everything you want to make your empire better. Fight against your friends and conquer the world!

Pool Live Tour

Pool Live Tour: Build up your reputation of famous pool player! Play for Pool Coins against top
pool players from all around the world.

Play this popular multiplayer billiard game with your online friends and thousands of opponents from around the world. Collect fun trophies for your best 8 ball pool shots!

Slingo by Zynga

In Slingo Medals are earned by simply playing through game boards (which are a combination
of slot machines and Bingo cards) and completing certain objectives.

Zynga Slingo combines the fun fortune of slots, with a Bingo style gameboard for an exciting new take on a game millions already love!

Car Town

Car Town: A game by Cie Games that enshrines America’s love affair with the automobile. Collect Cars, Build the Ultimate Garage and Race Against Friends. Car Town takes car fun to a whole new level.

Join your friends on a road trip or race your friends in a drag race. Customize your garage, personalize your avatars, and of course collect awesome cars!

Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga: Bubble Witch Saga is a new bubble shooter game by

It’s a new, more
progressive version of the hit flash game Bubble Witch, in which you progress from level to level, and you have to complete a different challenge with each level you beat.

Texas HoldEm Poker

Texas HoldEm Poker: A fun, free, easy way for playing texas hold ‘em online. Play Zynga Poker–the world’s largest Texas Hold’Em Poker game with over 7 million players each day!

Play with friends or meet people from around the world. Get FREE chips every day that you play!

Social Wars

Social Wars: Build your military city and train your soldiers to face the threat of the outer space invaders! Be the leader of the human race at this very crucial moment!

Discover the glorious battles and adventurous quests that are waiting for you!

Hidden Chronicles

Hidden Chronicles: Find hidden objects in visually stunning scenes. Unlock the secret of Ramsey Manor in Hidden Chronicles, Zynga’s mysterious new hidden object game.

Explore gorgeous scenes to uncover thousands of cleverly-concealed objects, solve puzzles, and find clues that help you unravel the mystery.

Coco Girl

Coco Girl: Enter a world of glamour and luxury. Create fabulous Looks for you Coco Girl. Create fabulous looks and shop at the trendiest stores.

You will find the hot items you’ve always dreamed of. And have a blast rating your friends’ looks at Fashion Expert.


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