Here are a few of the common questions and help topics on Diamond Dash. If you want more information please contact us and we will try and assist you with your questions.

How to Play The Game?

The aim of the game is to click on 3 or more Gems of the same colour. This will give you points. The more connected blocks you connect the higher your score will be.  More on this here.

How to get more points.

Here is a list of our tips. but in a nut shell you need to work on getting more than 3 block in a row. And don’t miss click on your blocks. Boosts are given in the game such as, Magic Fire, Magic Powers and Magic diamonds. more on Diamond Dash Boosts here.

Weekly Tournament Information

Diamond Dash has a weekly tournament. Starting from Wednesday to Wednesday, you can play in the Weekly Tournament against your Facebook friends. The aim of the game is to beat all of your friends and place in the top 3 so you can win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medals. This isn’t as easy as you think it is. more on the weekly tournament here.

Diamond Dash Levels

You pretty much start at the bottom. The more you play the game the more you level up. Leveling in Diamond Dash becomes harder and harder. it is a sliding scale. To reach level 2 you only need 30 000 points. but as you level up the amount of points you need for the next level increases. The top level you can get in Diamond Dash is level 100. When you reached level 100 you won’t earn anymore points.

Diamond Dash Lives.

You can get more diamond dash lives on one of tree methods. One is you will get lives every so often. About 24 hours or so when you have run out. The other way is to use gold bars. You get gold bars in game bay hitting up some big scores and leveling.  The third method is by playing Monster World. here you can harvest a flower that will give you a live every 24hours.

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