Do you need more Gold bars or lives in Diamond Dash? Well here is what they do and how you can get more of them.

Free Diamond Dash Lives

The more Lives you have, the more rounds you can play at once.  one of the easiest ways to get unlimited lives on Diamond Dash is by using this lives cheat by creating additional Facebook accounts. You can send a life to a friend each 8 minutes. This means if you have 5 fake accounts you can pretty much play all day.

As mentioned in previous posts you gain gold bars by playing the game. each time you success in certain goals and beating your highest scores you gain gold bars. You can use these  Gold Bars to purchase more lives. So now you can play the game more often. This will help you level up quicker. 7 Gold Bars will buy you 5 Diamond Dash lives.

The other way is if you are playing Monster World. This is another game by Wooga. You can havest a free life from a flower each 24 hours. To activate this feature in Monster World you need to click on the Monster in the Diamond Dash Game. Now it is activated and your flower will start producing a 6th life for Diamond Dash

Buy Diamond Dash Lives:

Another method of getting gold bars is by purchasing gold bars.

Here is how to buy gold bars in Diamond Dash:

  • Click on the + next to the Lives. The heart icon represents lives.
  • Purchase facebook credits
  • Trade them in for lives

More on the game play and FAQ and additional help can be found here. have fun playing Wooga Diamond Dash.

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