First of all we are going to discuss the Facebook Diamond Dash.

Diamond Dash is a match-3 or more game. The game screen is full of colored blocks, and it’s your job to clear away groups of three or more under 60 seconds, which is done simply by clicking the coloured connected blocks. The connected blocks will disappear, causing the blocks to collapse to accommodate the new blocks that pour in from the top. So the aim of diamond dash is to simply clear away as many as you can to get a high score. The more connected blocks you can clear the higher your score. here is how to get the game and some tips on how to play diamond dash. Check out this page on Diamond Dash Help and FAQ we list more topics on how to play th game there.

Install Diamond Dash.

If you have problems installing the game or the game does not want to load. See if this helps.

Now that you have loaded you need to click on as many connected blocks as you can. Learning how to play diamond dash isn’t very hard. Blocks start off with as little as three in a row, or in an angle. As long as there are three in a row you will score points. See the image below. The more blocks that are of the same colour that is connected the higher your score will be.

Screen Shot of connected blocks

Look at the white spots on the screen shot. these represent possible points when clicking on them. The highest score would have been the top left blue blocks. They will then have disappeared but then the purple blocks would have still been available. and also the red block at the bottom and on the center right. Remember learning to play Wooga Diamond Dash is all about identifying the matched blocks quickly.

As mentioned Diamond Dash restricts your play sessions to one minute or 60 seconds. So your time is very limited to clear away as many blocks as possible. Learning how to play diamond dash, people get hooked on this game, just to beat your previous score or those of your friends.

As you level up some Diamond Dash Boosts will be available to you. here is a post on the available boosts in diamond dash and scoring high.

You gain level pay playing often and you will also receive gold bard to purchase lives with. You may also ask for lives from your friends. Here is a Facebook cheat on how to get loads of lives in Diamond Dash.

That maximum level you can reach is level 100. This if played often will be achieved in about 2-3 months. if you are a real gamer and you know how to play diamond dash. You will achieve level 100 much faster.

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